vodafone cash overdraft

Vodafone Cash Introduces Overdraft Feature For Customers

Via CitiNewsRoom.

Vodafone’s mobile financial service, Vodafone Cash, has introduced a unique credit option called “Vodafone Cash Overdraft,” which enables customers to seamlessly borrow money to complete specific transactions without experiencing a decline due to insufficient funds.

vodafone cash overdraft

This new service offers Vodafone customers much more convenience while purchasing a bundle, paying bills, and sending money across all networks, as it eliminates the abrupt drop customers experience during a transaction because of inadequate funds.

Innovation is one of our fundamental tenets as a technology organisation. This is why we continue to design products and services that create value for customers. Vodafone Cash Overdraft is no different.

The service aims to provide customers with instant cash to perform their important daily transactions. I am confident that this new service will provide customers with convenience and improve financial inclusion in the country. I urge all Vodafone customers to take advantage of this new offer to enjoy enhanced financial services.

David Umoh, Director of Consumer Business Unit at Vodafone Ghana

The 30-day credit service, which is underwritten by Consolidated Bank of Ghana, has a 0.23% daily interest and has been provisioned to deduct from customers’ Vodafone Cash wallets when they load up their accounts.

Since its inception, Vodafone has been focused on helping liberalise the mobile money platform to embrace all and sundry.  In line with this objective, Vodafone Cash has been proactive in the introduction of innovative and industry-first initiatives and campaigns to promote financial inclusion.

These include the complete waiver of charges on money transferred to any network via Vodafone Cash. This service has brought a great deal of relief to Ghanaians following the introduction of e-levy.