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Ride Insurance in Ghana: Uber vs Bolt

Ride Insurance is a cover, and protection against accidents during a trip using a ride-sharing/hailing app. This is offered automatically by the top 2 apps in Ghana, namely Uber and Bolt. Remember our post on auto insurance? This is another level of that and is meant to cushion you in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Uber Ride Insurance (underwritten by Hollard)

Uber Ride insurance known as partner & ride injury protection

Partner & Rider Injury Protection provides you with help towards the financial cost of injury if you’re in an accident while on a trip.

Sometimes accidents happen. So it’s good to know that you’re protected against medical costs and lost earning opportunities. 

What are the key features of cover?

Partner & Rider Injury Protection provides cover for specific events that occur while a Driver Partner or Rider is On-Trip. The key features are listed below.

  1. Medical cover: If an accident happens On-Trip, this cover reimburses you for necessary medical costs you have incurred following the accident (e.g. X-ray, operations, medicines) up to a capped sum.
  2. Death and funeral payments: In the unfortunate event that you die as a result of an accident On-Trip, your dependents or heirs will benefit from a lump sum payment. 
  3. Permanent Disability payments: In the unfortunate event that you suffer a permanent disability as a result of an accident On-Trip, you will benefit from a lump sum payment. The amount depends on the severity of the disability, as determined by Hollard.
  4. Daily Payment Benefit (injury): If you are hospitalised for more than 24 hours as a result of an accident that happened On-Trip and are thereafter unable to work because of your injuries, you will receive a daily payment for up to 30 days whilst you are medically certified by a qualified doctor as unfit to work. 
  5. Inconvenience Payment – If a Driver suffers Bodily Injury from an On-Trip accident which results in hospitalisation lasting a minimum of 24 consecutive hours the Insurer shall pay the Driver a lump sum payment. 

We want to help you protect yourself against medical costs and lost earning opportunities due to accidental injuries sustained while you’re On-Trip. We are proud to be industry leaders with Hollard in being your partner on the road.

*Note: All above covers are subject to prescribed conditions and limits, which Uber may amend at its discretion.

How do I claim?

In the event you’ve been in an accident and think you might have a claim, please submit a claim via one of the following channels:

  • To Uber through the Uber app (information you provide may be shared with Hollard);
  • By telephone to Hollard Insurance Claims department on +233202222392
  • By Email:
  • In writing to Hollard – Hollard Insurance at P.O. Box GP 20084, Accra, Ghana

Bolt Ride Insurance (underwritten by Star Insurance)

Bolt ride insurance

Bolt drivers do everything within their power to keep their vehicles at optimal performance and to drive safely, but sometimes accidents happen.

This is why we will be updating the coverage available on every Bolt trip with an insurance policy underwritten by Star Insurance from 1st June, 2021.  Everyday performance of the insurance contract will be managed by our insurance broker, Goldstar Insurance.

This cover comes at no cost to users of the Bolt platform and provides support for covering unexpected incidents, medical funds and certain risks that may arise while on-trip – from the time a driver accepts your trip, through to when the trip ends.

Who is protected? 

All riders and drivers on the Bolt platform are covered by this policy while on-trip on Bolt rides.

What is covered? 

Personal effects (excluding cash), temporary or permanent disability, medical expenses for bodily injury and accidental death of riders and drivers are covered up to a total of GHS 60,000 and based on the policy limits.

How do I qualify for Bolt’s trip protection? 

The only qualification for cover is to be riding or driving on the Bolt platform. It is an extension of our commitment to the safety of users on the platform and comes at no extra cost to you.

How to report a claim? 

In case of any incident, Bolt has got you covered. If you have experienced an incident that you think would be covered by Bolt’s insurance, please submit a claim via one of the following channels:

  • Filling the attached claims form submitted to Goldstar Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  • In writing to Goldstar Insurance via email at
  • By Telephone to Goldstar Insurance claims team on +233 207275556

The well-being and safety of Bolt drivers and passengers is our priority. In addition to working together with Goldstar Insurance to provide coverage in case of accidents, we’ve invested in additional safety features, including the SOS/emergency assist button for our drivers, the driver profile that helps passengers ensure they’re getting in a verified Bolt vehicle and the “Share ETA” function that allows loved ones follow along on your journey in real time.