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Travel Insurance in Ghana: What You Must Know

Travel insurance is a package built for people travelling outside Ghana. It covers medical expenses and other losses that can occur while you’re outside the country, whether it’s for leisure or business.

What is typically covered by a standard travel insurance policy?

Travel insurance can vary, but policies generally provide coverage for three things: protection for your financial expenses, protection for your well-being and protection for your personal belongings.

Important Things to Look Out for in a Travel Insurance Policy

  • Trip Cancellation Coverage
  • Trip Delay Coverage
  • Baggage Loss
  • Medical expenses and emergency-evacuation benefits

How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost in Ghana?

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The short answer is, it depends. Several factors determine how much you pay for your travel insurance. These are primarily age range, duration of travel, and travel destination.

Generally however, prices typically start from around GH¢100 and upward. Below is a snapshot of travel insurance quotation from Enterprise Life insurance for someone travelling for 7 days, across the world and between the ages of 19 – 65.

Enterprise Life Travel Insurance Quote sample

Travel Insurance Providers in Ghana

Below is a list of travel insurance brokers in Ghana and some details on their policies.

Enterprise Life Insurance

  • International Medical and hospitalization expenses
  • Medical evacuation
  • Repatriation expenses
  • Compensation for luggage incidents

Hollard Life Insurance

Why You Absolutely Must Have Travel Insurance