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To Bank Loan or Not to Bank Loan

Rephrasing this bank loan question can simply be, to borrow or not to borrow. There are several arguments in favor, and even more against.

It’s a confusing topic for me as in my ideal world, I never have to borrow. But there’s different situations that arise and people have different backgrounds so borrowing happens despite my best intentions.

But that’s just borrowing from a friend here and there. Loans that you can easily pay back. But what if you want to, no, need to do something but don’t have the means and is unlikely you will in the next month or year? Do you just wait it out and keep saving? Or do you take a risk and just go get a personal unsecured loan from a bank?

I dunno. So I reached out to some people I know for their opinions. Here’s what different Ghanaians think about getting bank loans.

What's In Here

To Bank Loan

These guys are for getting a loan.

JD, 29, Bolt Driver

Albie, 25, Marketer

xxx. xxx.

Ron, 32, Insurance Broker


To Not Bank Loan

These guys are against getting a bank loan.