Mobile Insurance: How to Get Insured on Your Phone in Ghana

Mobile insurance here doesn’t refer to insurance policies to protect phones, otherwise known as device insurance. It’s instead referring to insurance policies people can register for and claim from the comfort of their mobile phones, hence mobile insurance.

Telcos in Ghana have gone beyond just providing voice and data solutions, and are now exploring insurance packages in partnership with insurance companies to empower underserved people.

These telcos, notably MTN, Vodafone and AirtelTigo have active mobile money operations, used by Ghanaians daily. By partnering with insurance providers, they’re offering Ghanaians a fast, convenient and easy to use insurance right on their mobile phones.

These policies entitle subscribers to hospital and life insurance cover through mobile phone transactions, including buying airtime and data (for self or others), filling specified voice, SMS and data usage quotas, ,sending money and deliberate premium payments to a policy.

The Guardian describes this phenomenon best:

Micro-insurance offers poor people a financial cushion in case of catastrophe while winning loyalty to mobile operators.

The Guardian


Tigo, now AirtelTigo pioneered mobile micro-insurance in Ghana, in 2011. This was done in partnership with Bima, Vanguard Life Assurance and MircoEnsure (which helped come up with the idea and has gone on to partner with other telcos in Ghana).

AirtelTigo Family Care Insurance

A life assurance policy facilitated by Prudential Life Insurance.

This policy insures the primary subscriber and registered family member (parent, spouse, sibling or child) against death. The amount payable is determined based on premium payment as well as the AirtelTigo airtime used during the month prior to death.You only pay a premium of GH¢3.00 which is paid monthly.

Learn more about AT Family Care Insurance here.


Hollard Life Mebanbo

Hollard Mebanbo mobile phone insurance from Hollard and Vodafone
Hollard MeBanbo

Hollard Life Assurance partnered with both Cassava Fintech and Vodafone to launch a micro-insurance product providing funeral and disability cover.

MeBanbɔ loosely translates to ‘My Protection’ and can be easily accessed via mobile phones on Vodafone by dialing USSD code *269#.

MeBanbɔ offers tailored packages of GHS 1 000, GHS 5 000, GHS 15 000 and GHS 30 000 funeral and disability cover for premiums as low as GHS 1, GHS 5, GHS 15 and GHS 30 respectively. It is the first micro-insurance product of its kind offering packages that suit different personal needs. It is open to persons older than 18 years who use the Vodafone mobile network.

Learn more about MeBanbo here.

SafeNet Insurance

Vodafone SafeNet mobile insurance

SafeNet is another mobile insurance policy by Vodafone in partnership with MicroEnsure, Enterprise Life and Prudential Life to cover Vodafone subscribers. Information on Vodafone’s website states that:

SafeNet offers an initial 6 month period of Free Insurance cover for hospitalization, life and accidental permanent disability to all subscribers who activate the product during any promotional period. Subscribers can activate the product by dialling *592# to activate on USSD, or by sending “Yes” to SMS short code 592, or by calling 592 to speak to an Agent. The amount of cover you earn in any given month is based on your airtime recharge in the immediate past month (ref: cover table below).


Customer Monthly Top-up/ Recharge BandLife CoverAccidental Permanent Disability CoverHospital Cash CoverHow is it paid?
GHS 0 – 4.99GHS 250GHS 250GHS 10Lump sum
GHS 5 – 9.99GHS 500GHS 500GHS 25Lump sum
GHS 10 +GHS 1,000GHS 1,000GHS 50Lump sum

Learn more about SafeNet here.

miFuture Mobile Money Insurance by myLife Insurance

miFuture Insurance Vodafone

miFuture is a life and disability mobile insurance product from myLife Insurance in partnership with Vodafone. It’s a simple mobile-delivered life insurance policy. It pays out a benefit when the policyholder passes away or becomes disabled. The policy also allows you to save monthly for your future needs, with interest.

Learn more about miFuture insurance here.


aYo Send with Care

An intersting insurance model from MTN. According to their website, aYo Send with Care promises to keep sending money to your loved ones, even when you can’t. If you add aYo Send with Care cover to the money you send home via MTN Mobile Money, aYo will triple the amounts you’ve sent over the last 4 months, and pay it to your beneficiaries over the next 12 months on receipt of a valid claim.

Getting started
Simply dial *170# and choose to Send your money with Care.

aYo Send with Care
 only costs a small portion of the money you send home via MTN Mobile Money. Pay just 5%* of the amount you send, for example:

  • If you send GHS50, the cost for Send with Care will be GHS2.50
  • If you send GHS200, the cost for Send with Care will be GHS10
  • If you send GHS450, the cost for Send with Care will be GHS22.50

miWay Mobile Insurance by myLife Insurance

miWay is a simple life insurance policy. It provides money either in the event of you passing away, your Selected Family Member passing away, or you becoming totally permanently disabled suffering from a named critical illness or you becoming hospitalized for more than two nights. There is also an optional savings account.