insurance companies in ghana

List of Insurance Companies in Ghana

Life Insurance

Allianz Life Insurance

Beige Assure 

Donewell Life Company

Enterprise Life Assurance

Esich Life Assurance

Exceed Life Assurance

First Insurance

Ghana Life Insurance

Glico Life Insurance

GN Life Assurance

Hollard Life Assurance

Metropolitan Life Insurance

MiLife Company

Old Mutual Life Assurance

Phoenix Life Assurance
Prudential Life Insurance

Quality Life Assurance

Saham Life Insurance

SIC Life 

Starlife Assurance 

Vanguard Life Assurance

Non-Life Insurance

Activa International Insurance

Allianz Insurance

Bedrock Insurance

Best Assurance

Coronation Insurance

Donewell Insurance 

Enterprise Insurance

Ghana Union Assurance

Glico General Insurance

Heritage Energy Insurance

Hollard Insurance

Imperial General Assurance

Loyalty Insurance

Millenium Insurance

Multi Insurance

NSIA Insurance

Phoenix Insurance

Prime Insurance

Priority Insurance

Provident Insurance

Quality Insurance

Regency Nem Insurance

Saham Insurance

Serene Insurance

SIC Insurance

Star Assurance

Sunu Assurances

Unique Insurance

Vanguard Assurance

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