participants at maide Ghana Insurance fair listening to insights on insurance policies

Companies Educate Public on Insurance Policies at Maiden Insurance Fair

By Ama Amankwah Baafi for Graphic Online

Insurance companies that participated in the maiden insurance fair organised by the Ghana Insurance Association (GIA) in collaboration with Graphic Business, have engaged the public on the various insurance policies available to them.

The three-day event which started last Wednesday, June 22 and ended last Friday, June 23, 2022, formed part of the insurance awareness month.

It was also aimed at deepening insurance education in the country and to improve insurance penetration.

It was on the theme, “Deepening Insurance Awareness to Engender and Enhance Public Confidence in Ghana.”

Representatives from each of the companies explained to the public the various products their companies have on offer.

These include motor insurance, fire policies for properties (houses, hotels), marine insurance, policies for aviation and travel insurance, among other things.

At the fair, the companies recognised the need to do a lot more on public education and not leave it to the regulator alone.

As individual companies, they see the need to come up with their own strategies to educate people leveraging all forms of media and digital platforms.

The Head of Retail at Donewell Insurance Company Limited, Maureen Ablordeppey, urged the public to always endeavour to read through policies to be aware of what they stand to gain.

Ask questions before you leave the premises or sign on. Know that insurance companies are in the business of paying claims once you get your premium calculated well.

All we need from you is our information across, we speak to you and make prompt payment.

Maureen Ablordeppey (Donewell Insurance Company)

The Head Special Risk at Donewell, Kwasi Ofori Kuragu, said the unit has tailor-made policies – a range of non-motor insurance policies that the public could choose from.

From Enterprise Insurance, the Senior Manager in charge of Quality Assurance, Michael Larbi, said as member of the Enterprises Group, the company provides different classes of insurance for individuals and organisations.

He said the latest addition to the group is Acacia Health that provides health insurance policies.

“We have various types of policies which we believe we have designed to suit the needs of the public. We are innovative and proactive and not laid back. You should insure with us because we pay claims and do so promptly,” he said.

The Head of Marketing and Communication at Enterprise Insurance, Mark Addison, said the company recently launched four unique additional products in collaboration with KEK Brokers in the area of personal insurance products.

The products are namely, the pump extra, home advantage, third party amplified and pet insurance (as a stand-alone product for customers who own pets to be able to insure them).

“We looked at the market needs and came up with the third party amplified which covers three areas of the vehicle- windscreen, side mirrors and minor scratches. Now, with additional fee you are able to get protection for your own vehicle for these three areas,” he explained.

A representative from Loyalty Insurance Christopher Oji, said the company is wholly Ghanaian owned and offered general business insurance.

He said the company has unique products such as Loyalty motor comprehensive which gives customers extra benefits.

“When you pay your premium you are rewarded with an amount of money instantly.

“With our home owners insurance you are also rewarded accordingly for instance with something that makes up your home,” he said.

He said that the company looks forward to digitalise all of its operations in the next five years.

From Nsia Insurance, The Head of Marketing at Millennium Insurance, Edem Awuku Segbedzie, said the company is a non-life insurance one that currently has a youthful team.

He said that the company has mini satellites all over the country.

“We use those offices to develop regions and most of them can be found in the Driver and Vehicle Licenses offices nationwide,” he said.

The Deputy Head of Marketing, Christina Alale Mensah, said the Millennium Home Insurance offered an enhanced cover for customers.

“You get extra life cover when you sign on to this,” she said.

A representative from the Marketing Department of Sunu Assurance, Nathaniel Neequaye, said the company has been in operation for the past 13 years and offers general insurance products.

“We make things easier for customers. We have a platform that helps individuals to be able to buy insurance from their comfort,” he said.